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How to configure Forms Based Authentication for Outlook Web Access and Exchange 2003

  1. From Exchange System Manager.    Right click on the Exchange Virtual, under Protocols and select Properties.  
  2. Check the box to Enable forms Based Authentication.  Hit Apply and OK.

Note: I am assuming you have already installed a certificate on the default website with a properly formed DNS name, such as Webmail.edm-users.com and have configured your DNS with a HOST (A) record and a properly assigned IP address.

  1. Launch IIS Manager.
  2. From within IIS Manager, right click on the Default Website and select Properties.
  3. Click Advanced and then select Add under the SSL portion. 

clip_image014 image

Specify the IP address and add port 443.  Hit OK twice. 

Click the Directory Security tab and select the Edit on the Authentication section.

image   clip_image018

Select Enable Anonymous and select Basic Authentication.   Specify your default domain.

Configure your Re-Director:

We now need to setup a redirector.  From within IIS Manager, Select the Default Web Site, right click on the IISSTART.htm file and select Properties.  


Select "A redirection to a URL".   Add HTTPS://Yourdomain.com/exchange, such as:  https://webmail.edm-users.com/exchange (Example)   Hit Apply and OK.


Verify Your Exchange virtual settings

Within IIS Manager:  Expand the default website, Select the Exchange Virtual and select properties. Verify these settings.

clip_image024   clip_image026


Verify your SSL Certificate.


Launch Webmail.edm-users.com……you should now get a forms based authentication splash page.



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