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Exchange 2007\OWA Error: “404 Login TimeOut Error”

Scenario: Windows 2003 Active Directory\Windows Environment hosting a 32 Bit version of Exchange 2007.  The Exchange 2007 CAS server was failing to properly load the OWA page after I enabled "Forms Based Authentication" on the OWA virtual directory.  The error was "404 Login TimeOut Error".    I also received an error stating, "Exchange 2007 OWA Error: Outlook Web Access did not initialize."

There was an additional error in the Windows Application Log.


Removing Anonymous  from the OWA virtual did not resolve the issue.

The only valid fix I found was to delete the OWA virtual directory and recreate it.

What to do:

Issue these commands from the Exchange 2007 Management Shell.

remove-owavirtualdirectory -Identity "owa (Default Web Site)"     (Note the website name is case sensitive)

New-owavirtualdirectory –Name “owa” –website “Default Web Site”


You will likely have to re-add the certificate and\or re-enable Forms Based Authentication if applicable. 

Good luck!


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