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Virtual PC 2007 Sound Card Emulator Installation (Sound Blaster 16)

I have a series of applications I needed to test audio, namely Microsoft Live Meeting 2007 (Audio\Video).  However, as most of you know, audio drivers or emulators are not installed by default with Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.  In order to get it to work on Windows Server 2003, you must copy two files off of a Windows XP cd and place them on the virtualized system.  The two driver files you need are wdma_ctl.inf and ctlsb16.sys.   I want to note that this does not work for Virtual Server 2005, only Virtual PC 2007.

Here are the steps:

From a command prompt on a Windows XP system, run this command:

"%windir%\driver cache\i386\driver.cab" -F:ctlsb16.sys c:\

This will extract the ctlsb16.sys to your root c:\.  If it does not, from the extracted CAB driver window that popped up, copy the ctlsb16.sys file manually to the root of C:\.

The wdma_ctl.inf file is also located at C:\WINDOWS\inf folder on the Windows XP system.

Copy these two files over to the Virtual PC.  From the Device Manager on the Virtual PC instance, perform a Have Disk during the device installation and direct the install to *.inf file you copied over.  Reboot the workstation as necessary.  You may have to enable the sound device from the control panel after the server is booted.  You may also want to place an audio icon on the task bar….which is also done from the control panel. 

Ed McKinzie

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