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Exchange 2007, OWA and Remote Wipe on an Ipod Touch

Cool and Ouch.  That is one of the many words I can use to describe the process of using Exchange 2007’s remote wipe feature.  The cool part is you can initiate the remote wipe command from Outlook Web Access (Options) and the next time you sync your Ipod Touch, it will completely shutdown and disable the device.  This is great if the device is ever stolen……bad if you were just testing to see if the function worked.

Now more on the "Ouch" part.  In order for you to get the device to properly work again, the Ipod must be brought up into restore mode.  This means all of the data should now be considered gone, as the only way to bring it back online is to restore from a backup.  This must be performed from the authorized computer that holds your backups.  (Hopefully you have one)

Here are the steps I followed.

*You must have iPod plugged into computer while bringing up the device*

The force restore option may take up to 20 seconds before you see the USB to Itunes option.

1. Press and hold the home button and the sleep/wake button. (the power off option will appear, ignore it)
2. When the apple logo appears let go of the sleep/wake button (keep holding the home button.)
3. After a few seconds you should see the connect to iTunes image (you can now let go of the home button.)
4. Open iTunes .
5. iTunes should automatically recognize your iPod once the image comes up, if not unplug your iPod and plug it back in.
6. Restore your iPod by clicking the "Restore" button.
7. You now have to “Sync” your Ipod to copy over any music and apps…

…….the next time I am testing this, remind me to use a mobile emulator!!

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