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Unable to Create Windows 2008 Cluster: Parameter Name: domainName error

I had a very interesting set of errors while attempting to create a Windows 2008 Cluster.  During the Cluster creation, I received several different warnings that all appeared to be DNS and FQDN related.  When I added the NetBIOS Node names to the Create Cluster Wizard it would fail with Parameter Name: domainName error.  If I used the FQDN of the server I would get an access denied.  This something in AD or on the local host?
When I looked at my DNS server I found the two nodes did not register in AD DNS automatically, even though I had the Register DNS option selected under the NIC settings.
I then decided to look in the TCP\IP Registry settings on both nodes.
Several anomalies were found:
1.) Neither node had the Domain settings populated (Parameters) even though the machines were both added to AD.  (As I was also logged on as  a Domain Admin)
2.) I found an old entry under the Registered DNS Adapter setting.  I suspect this is from me deploying these machines from a template that is hosted in a VMWare environment.  It must have been carried over from the original server build.
Once I deleted this key, removed and re-added the machine to the domain, the machine and cluster installation began functioning as expected.  I also manually added the Domain and NV Domain settings….
The keys are located:
Note: I have disabled IPv6 on this machine.
As always, be safe when removing or editing the registry.
I received some helpful information from this article. 


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