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Faulting application wmiprvse.exe, version 6.0.6002.18005 faulting module ntdll.dll

May 4, 2010 10 comments

Server: Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008 – 64 Bit, in a VMWare environment.  The server has 4 GB of RAM.

Symptom: I run performance counters (scripts) every 15 minutes to collect statistics on usage, resources and local CPU percentages.  Recently I have began seeing errors where the WMI service tanks and my counters cease to dump data.  There errors is:


This problem may occur if the computer experiences a low-memory condition. When the computer experiences a low-memory condition, memory corruption may occur in the private heap of a dynamic link library (.dll) file. These random heap corruptions may cause programs to crash.
Memory corruption may occur when you run memory-intensive programs on a computer that has the Intel Physical Addressing Extensions (PAE) specification enabled. PAE enables a computer to support more than 4 gigabytes (GB) of installed memory.

The Fix:

We doubled the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB.   I noticed by digging into the perfmon counters, we were paging at higher level than anticipated, which indicated the RAM was insufficient at its current amount.


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Unable to Create Windows 2008 Cluster: Parameter Name: domainName error

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment
I had a very interesting set of errors while attempting to create a Windows 2008 Cluster.  During the Cluster creation, I received several different warnings that all appeared to be DNS and FQDN related.  When I added the NetBIOS Node names to the Create Cluster Wizard it would fail with Parameter Name: domainName error.  If I used the FQDN of the server I would get an access denied.  This something in AD or on the local host?
When I looked at my DNS server I found the two nodes did not register in AD DNS automatically, even though I had the Register DNS option selected under the NIC settings.
I then decided to look in the TCP\IP Registry settings on both nodes.
Several anomalies were found:
1.) Neither node had the Domain settings populated (Parameters) even though the machines were both added to AD.  (As I was also logged on as  a Domain Admin)
2.) I found an old entry under the Registered DNS Adapter setting.  I suspect this is from me deploying these machines from a template that is hosted in a VMWare environment.  It must have been carried over from the original server build.
Once I deleted this key, removed and re-added the machine to the domain, the machine and cluster installation began functioning as expected.  I also manually added the Domain and NV Domain settings….
The keys are located:
Note: I have disabled IPv6 on this machine.
As always, be safe when removing or editing the registry.
I received some helpful information from this article. 


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Rename Server Name in Windows 2008 Core

From the command prompt type Ipconfig /all to retrieve the current server name.


Type this command:netdom renamecomputer <ComputerName> /NewName:<NewComputerName>


To reboot the server, type: shutdown /r /t 0

The name change will not take affect until the server is rebooted.

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Specify the IP Address\Basic Network Settings for Windows 2008 Server Core

To set the server with a static IP address:

Find which Network Adapter to set:

At a command prompt, type the following:netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces


Bind Network Settings to a specific Network Adapter:

Look at the number shown in the Idx column of the output for your network adapter. If your computer has more than one network adapter, make a note of the number corresponding to the network adapter for which you wish to set a static IP address.

At a command prompt, type the following:

netsh interface ipv4 set address name="<ID>" source=static address=<StaticIP> mask=<SubnetMask> gateway=<DefaultGateway>


    • ID is the number from step 2 above
    • StaticIP is the static IP address that you are setting
    • SubnetMask is the subnet mask for the IP address
    • DefaultGateway is the default gateway


To specify DNS

At a command prompt, type the following: netsh interface ipv4 add dnsserver name="<ID>" address=<DNSIP> index=1


Repeat step 4 for each DNS server that you want to set, incrementing the index= number each time.

Verify by typing ipconfig /all and checking that all the addresses are correct.


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Windows Server 2008\Can’t perform a “RunAs” during an installation

April 1, 2008 Leave a comment

So far, my experiences with Windows Server 2008 has been less than stellar, from a application server perspective.  One bad caveat, the Windows 2008 Server RTM code does not allow you to perform a RunAs on any account other than the “administrator”.  This is especially bothersome when you are trying to run or install an application using a different credential.  (i.e., Exchange 2007)

Microsoft’s newly acquired Sysinternals has a new utility that restores this functionality.

From the command-line perform a "shellrunas /reg"

So far it has worked great, however, one thing to note, is you must run this command on every user needing the functionality.  It appears to install on a per-user basis.

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